Sunday, August 2, 2015

Spandex Sandwich Shop Stop

"What do you think about when you ride?"
Poetry, I'm constantly rhyming and scheming. Sometimes I write it down, other times it withers away before the ride is over, never to be remembered again. Enjoy my partially delusional state of mind...

Spandex Sandwich Shop Stop

As I stand in line to order,
I chug a chocolate milk
I know you're not from here, wearing tie-dye silk.

I stand there all sweaty,
In skin tight clothes,
I don't like the vibe your hippie yuppie boyfriend throws.

It's only just noon,
But I've already ridden farther today,
Than you've in your lifetime I'd say.

You chat while you stare.
Your look of disgust at my choice,
As strong as my opposition to your voice.

My jersey is smelly, and far from new
Unlike your state,
Please let me get my plate

I eat in a hurry
I'm out in a dash
Unlike your large pile of cash.

Yuppies go home.

1 comment:

  1. This verse comes to mind:
    Odd as a duck in the desert,
    It's my turn to be that guy,
    So, excuse me, I'm on the fly.