Thursday, August 20, 2015

This blog is not dead!

I realize my blog has been looking a bit bleak. I'm still writing and riding, I've just been publishing elsewhere.

Here's a few big rides from this year:

Trans North Georgia

Monaro Cloudride

XVT Bikepacking Route

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Green Patagonia Jacket

If there is one piece of gear,
On every adventure Ill pack it,
It’s got to be my Green Patagonia Jacket.

Twice across my nation
East to  the West, Canada to Mexico
I bring it everywhere I go.

To the top of Mt Washington
Skiing Tuckerman’s Ravine
The places its been are quite obscene.
 I brought it to Australia,
 For the Monaro Cloudride,
Together through the rain, we won with pride.

I even wore it.
When I fixed an old lady’s roof.
Here’s a picture for the proof.

There’s not much to it
Its just a simple shell
But it fits and moves so well!

The pit zips vent
The cuffs fit just right
Hood over helmet, nice and tight.

Its waterproof,
Its breathable,
Its really unbelievable.

I’ve worn it so much,
It was time for another
I hope this one works, just like it’s brother.

Just don't mess with perfection.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Spandex Sandwich Shop Stop

"What do you think about when you ride?"
Poetry, I'm constantly rhyming and scheming. Sometimes I write it down, other times it withers away before the ride is over, never to be remembered again. Enjoy my partially delusional state of mind...

Spandex Sandwich Shop Stop

As I stand in line to order,
I chug a chocolate milk
I know you're not from here, wearing tie-dye silk.

I stand there all sweaty,
In skin tight clothes,
I don't like the vibe your hippie yuppie boyfriend throws.

It's only just noon,
But I've already ridden farther today,
Than you've in your lifetime I'd say.

You chat while you stare.
Your look of disgust at my choice,
As strong as my opposition to your voice.

My jersey is smelly, and far from new
Unlike your state,
Please let me get my plate

I eat in a hurry
I'm out in a dash
Unlike your large pile of cash.

Yuppies go home.