Monday, May 4, 2015

Home is where you cook your own bacon.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. While I understand this feeling, after just coming home from the other side of the world, I must say, the grass is pretty damn green where I'm standing now. I love to travel and will continue to chase my dreams to all corners of the globe, but there is something nice about coming HOME!

On the "road" you meet incredible people who you may or may not stay in touch with, but you will probably always remember. At home, there are the people you interact with everyday, from the people you avoid constantly, to those amazing friends who have your back through thick and thin. Even the best friendships can become dull and unexciting, time away between good friends may be the change of pace needed to recognize the importance of this certain interaction in your life. Its the people we love that really make the difference.

It is exciting to be somewhere new everyday, seeing new sights, terrain and architecture. There is also a great feeling coming home and noticing the small changes since you left. The trees are budding and the grass is greening up, the rivers are up from the melted snow, or the last of falls leaves have dropped, or.... The sense of normality is comforting when returning from someone else's "normal."

Long trips are a great way to break up the mundane, but also a great way to realize what mundane things in life you really enjoy. Bacon and eggs in MY cast iron frying pan at 430am, fueling for my sunrise pre-work ride. It's not boring, it's ritual.

There are so many great places, people, and cultures in the world, that I urge everyone to try and go see, meet and experience. While you plan or wait for the next big adventure, take a half step back from your daily life and reconsider throwing on a frown at normal and boring. Instead think of it as comfortable and secure, two important aspects of life commonly swept under the rug.

As mentioned, I have no intention on slowing down, or stopping traveling, riding, or racing. HOME may even change sometime in the future but for now, as I return from a large trip and get resettled, it is nice to be home, to the amazing places I know, and the great people who I am so thankful to have in my life.

It's not about the adventure of a lifetime, its about a lifetime of adventure. Seek happiness everywhere, always. 

*I may or may not publish more writing on my Australia trip, later, non chronologically.
My ticket and underlying reason for the trip was the Monaro Cloudride 1000, my account is documented here: